2016 Classroom Training

TekRite Communications presents drilling and completion fluids seminars and schools in venues around the world. Classes are led by Ryen Caenn, a consultant with over 45 years experience in all aspects of drilling fluids technology, marketing, R&D and operations. He is a co‚Äźauthor of the 6th Edition of the textbook, Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids, Gulf Professional Publishing, 2011.

Who Should Attend: These classes are designed for drilling and completion engineers, geologists, rig supervisors, chemical sales representatives, R&D technologists, oilfield managers and supervisors, supply chain personnel and service company personnel. Classes meet the needs of a broad range of interests. Attendees can choose the class level that best fits their requirements, from basic information to advance mud technology.

Introduction to Drilling Fluids - These are 3-day, lecture only seminars covering the basics of drilling fluids systems, additives and operations.
Drilling, Completion and Fracturing Fluids Technology - These are 3 1/2-day lecture plus laboratory training. In addition to covering the basics of drilling and completion fluids technology, lab fluid mixing and testing sessions reinforce the lectures. Lectures are presented each morning and the labs are held each afternoon.


Introduction to Drilling Fluids
March 8-10, Houston - US$2375

July 12-14, Houston - US$2375
September 13-15, Calgary - CD$2375

Drilling, Completion and Fracturing Fluids Technology

Houston - US$2765
March 22-25
May 10-13
August 7-12
November 8-11

Contact - Ryen Caenn
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Please contact us at contact@drillcompfluids.com if you need help with registration.